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Film Continuity

Nyoko Kojima was a medic for the Inland Empire Clean Energy Co-Op.


At some point, Nyoko met and fell in love with Blade Runner Miguel Roman. Miguel retired from his job and the couple soon married and moved into a home in the desert.[1] Eventually, the couple welcomed a daughter, Kaja. By late 2032, Nyoko found employment as a medic, as it was a job that suited her gifts. That year, she cleaned and stitched a cut to Elle's shoulder.[2]

Later, Nyoko called Elle and Kaja to dinner, but shortly thereafter, Miguel was shot in the shoulder by a drone and an attack commenced. As Nyoko ran to get medical supplies for her husband, their daughter followed her and the two were captured. Nyoko was brought before Emile Barnes and forced to help keep the Golden Garter running, or risk her daughter's well-being.[1]

The captivity was short-lived, as Elle came to the facility armed with Nyoko's family katana and some PKD-9 explosives which Nyoko planted at the facility during the escape. Nyoko, Kaja, and Elle managed to reach Elle's spinner bike, with Kaja detonating the explosives as they sped away.[3]

After being returned to the co-op, she began to treat Preston's wounds. However, he soon confessed his love for her and that he was working for Barnes and Kozlov in order to ensure Miguel's death and enough money to take her to Los Angeles with him. When she rebuffed his advances, he began to strangle her until Elle intervened.[4]

She later accompanied her family and Elle to Fracktown, where the feud was finally settled when Kozlov confessed to his and Barnes' misdeeds. As Elle prepared to leave to find answers in the desert, Nyoko entrusted her with her family sword and bid her farewell.[4]