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Film Continuity

Origami was an art form made by folding paper.

Gaff's origami[]

Gaff was known to create various origami figures. In November 2019, he created a chicken and left it on Captain Harry Bryant's desk while Bryant convinced Rick Deckard to return to his career as a Blade Runner. He also left a unicorn in Deckard's apartment. Between these two creations, he made a matchstick figure of a man with an erection while he and Deckard investigated Leon Kowalski's apartment.[1]

If Ray McCoy completed his assignment to retire a group of replicants, Gaff left an origami dog near the replicants' stolen moonbus.[2]

In 2039, Gaff gave Aahna Ashina an origami frog.[3]

In 2049, while being interviewed about Deckard by K, Gaff created an origami sheep.[4]