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Film Continuity

Padraic was a Nexus-8 replicant who befriended Cleo Selwyn in the Off-world colonies in 2026.

During an uprising led by replicants, Padraic managed to save Cleo from being killed and escaped the riot with her.[1] The two stayed with a group led by Pellam, and Cleo took them to Ramanuja, where they found an eye surgeon to remove their eyes containing their serial numbers. However, Padraic decided against it, wishing to see the rest of his life in full.[2]

He later went with Cleo to see the Hartawan, of whom they requested assistance in reaching Arcadia.[2] The Hartawan recommended they change their appearance before finding transport.[3]

A week later, as the pair awaited the transport to Arcadia, Padraic intervened in an altercation between Hythe and Aahna "Ash" Ashina by tackling Hythe and disarming her. However, she drew her sidearm and promptly killed Padraic.[3]