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Film Continuity

Pekka was a follower of Yotun.


Upon the group's hijacking of an airship carrying the Los Angeles elite, Pekka was given reign over the ship's controls. She later went to retrieve Yotun when their getaway vehicle had arrived, allowing them to detonate explosives planted on the ship.[1]

As of six months after the groups attacks, Pekka was Yotun's personal assistant. In doing this, she procured potential followers, such as Ambrose, who she abducted from Aahna Ashina and Freysa Sadeghpour with the help of other followers. After bringing Ambrose back to their hideout, she pushed Yotun in his wheelchair to welcome Ambrose.[2]

Pekka took part in breaking into Alice Leopold's vault. She was confronted by Ash as an accomplice managed to get away. Ash sttempted to question her, but Pekka was shot dead by the Blade Runner Brook Marlowe.[3]