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Film Continuity

Pellam was a combat model Nexus-8 replicant who resided in the Off-world colonies.

Pellam's group came into possession of Cleo Selwyn – known to them as a boy called "the Rabbit" – and he demanded that Cleo assist them in obtaining transit ciphers. Cleo told them the best destination would be Ramanuja, which Pellam initially resisted due to it being a week away, but relented upon learning that it was the safest plan.[1]

Pellam and the group visited an eye surgeon, who removed their eyes that contained their serial numbers. They subsequently went to the Maze and when they left, Pellam stayed behind. He ambushed Blade Runners Aahna Ashina and Hythe and was soon subdued by them. He did not reveal any information of value to them before being retired by Hythe.[2]