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Film Continuity

Peter Gutman was a sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department.


In 2009, Gutman assigned Detective Cal Moreaux to fill out the paperwork for the apparent suicide of Dr. Lydia Kine. Kine's employer, the Tyrell Corporation, requested discretion in the case.[1]

Later, at the morgue, Moreaux showed the body to Gutman, who expressed his displeasure that Moreaux was actually investigating the case rather than simply complying with Tyrell to merely fill out paperwork. Moreaux insisted that it was not a suicide and Gutman left the detective to his own devices, declaring him expendable until he fixed the situation.[2]

Moreaux later came to Gutman, telling him he concluded that Kine's death was indeed by suicide.[3]

Ilora Stahl later implored Gutman to cover up murder cases connected to replicants, but he refused, pushing the responsibility onto Moreaux.[4]