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Film Continuity
Deckard's gun

Rick Deckard's PK-D 5223

The Pfläger-Katsumata Series D 5223 (PK-D 5223) or Detective Special[1] was a type of blaster that was a standard-issue handgun for the Los Angeles Police Department Blade Runner Unit.


Rick Deckard carried a PK-D 5223 while working as a Blade Runner in November 2019. He used the gun to retire Zhora and had it slapped out of his hand shortly after when he was attacked by Leon. Rachael picked it up and saved Deckard by shooting Leon in the head, killing him.[2] Deckard still had the gun in 2049 while hiding in Las Vegas.[3] Deckard's contemporary Blade Runners Dave Holden[2] and Ray McCoy also wielded PK-D 5223s in 2019.[4]

Despite the introduction of the Pfläger-Katsumata Series D FKM890 by 2037, some Blade Runners still preferred the PK-D 5223.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Gun concept

Concept art by Syd Mead

The prop used in Blade Runner was constructed from parts of a Charter Arms Bulldog revolver and a Steyr Mannlicher .222 Model SL rifle. The prop was re-created for Blade Runner 2049, as the original had been sold to a collector for $250,000. In all, four were made for 2049, three containing actual weaponry, and one made of rubber for action scenes.[5]

In Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Deckard uses a laser tube and a .38 magnum.

The gun's abbreviation, PK-D, is in reference to Philip K. Dick's initials.