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Phil Resch was a bounty hunter in northern California. Although he was initially unaware of the fact, he was assigned for two years to a precinct that was occupied entirely by androids.


At some point, Resch slept with the android Rachael Rosen, who intended for him to quit his job as a bounty hunter, but he continued.[1]

When bounty hunter Rick Deckard was brought to the precinct for questioning after retiring the android Max Polokov and preparing to act upon his next target, Luba Luft. Officer Garland – while realizing he was Deckard's next target – summoned Resch to see if Deckard was an android Resch was assigned to retire. Upon learning of Polokov's nature, Resch suggested he test the station's personnel with the Boneli test, which Garland opposed.[1]

Resch left to get the equipment. Upon his return, he had expected an ambush by Garland, so shot him. Resch left with Deckard to retire Luba Luft at an art gallery. However, before they could subject Luft to the Voigt-Kampff test, she taunted Resch to the point where he retired her on the spot. Fearful that he was an android himself, he was willingly tested by Deckard. He passed the test and the two bounty hunters parted ways.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Resch appears in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and its comic book adaptation. He has no equivalent character in the film adaptation, Blade Runner. In the stage adaptation, Resch is changed to a female bounty hunter named Phillipa Ryan.