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Film Continuity

Preston was a member of the Inland Empire Clean Energy Co-Op.


At some point, Preston turned against the co-op and secretly worked for Emile Barnes in order to ensure Miguel Roman's death and to earn enough money to leave for Los Angeles with Nyoko Kojima, Miguel's wife and Preston's unrequited love.[1]

Preston was among numerous members of the co-op to be captured by Barnes' men. After being freed by Elle, Preston and several others, including Sancho, reached a safe distance from the fracktory before it exploded. He then took this opportunity to slaughter the rest of his group. On his way back, he encountered Junkett Jones, who gave him a ride back to the co-op. He claimed to Junkett that Sancho had killed the group.[1]

He was taken to the medical tent, relieved to find Nyoko alive. As she began to tent to his wounds, Preston confessed his love for her and his motivations in joining Barnes. However, when she rejected his advances and slapped him, Preston began to strangle Nyoko until Elle subdued him. He was then taken to the brig.[1]