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Pris was a basic pleasure model Nexus-6 replicant who was part of an escaped group of replicants led by her lover, Roy Batty. The group's goal was to demand longer lifespans from their manufacturer, the Tyrell Corporation.


After Roy and Leon learned from Hannibal Chew that they could get to Eldon Tyrell through J.F. Sebastian, Pris used her wiles to "make friends" with Sebastian, a man who until then, literally made his friends.[1]

Acting as a lost homeless orphan, Pris managed to befriend Sebastian and was welcomed into his home at the Bradbury Apartments, where Roy eventually joined them.[1]

Just before Blade Runner Rick Deckard arrived, Pris disguised herself as one of the myriad large toy dolls that J.F. had populated his home with. She attacked Deckard very viciously, using a fighting style combining both martial arts and acrobatics. Though she initially disarmed him, Deckard recovered his sidearm and fired two[2][3][4] or three[5][6] gunshots. The first shot stopped a subsequent attack, whereupon she twitched spasmodically on the floor until she was finally retired.[1]

Roy Batty arrived a few moments later and finding Pris, he kissed her on the lips, showing great sadness at the loss of his friend. He then began his taunting final battle with Deckard.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Mary Replicant -5

Stacey Nelkin in her screen test for Pris

Five actresses, including Monique van de Ven, Stacey Nelkin, and Daryl Hannah screentested for the role and each was given the opportunity to create her own version of Pris' makeup and wardrobe. Hannah's makeup was partially inspired by Klaus Kinski's appearance in Nosferatu the Vampyre. Hannah was cast in the role and Nelkin was cast instead in the role of Mary, which was ultimately cut before shooting commenced.

The character's gymnast abilities are only implied in the script and were largely added to the film at Hannah's suggestion due to her own experience in gymnastics, however stunt performers – one female and a male, Mike Washlake[7] – were still hired to perform the acrobatics for the scene.[8]


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