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Pris Stratton was a renegade Nexus-6 android who sought refuge for her fellow androids in a run-down hotel occupied by John Isidore.

Pris was notably identical in appearance to Rachael Rosen.


While living on Mars, Pris befriended Roy and Irmgard Baty, the former supplying her with the painkiller, silenizine. Also among her friends were Max Polokov, Garland, Luba Luft, and Hasking. Pris additionally developed an interest in pre-colonial fiction after being introduced to it by Horst Hartman.[1]

After escaping from Mars with other Nexus-6 androids, Pris found refuge in an abandoned hotel she believed to be completely abandoned. However, on January 3, 1992/2021, as she watched Buster Friendly and His Friendly Friends, there was a knock upon her door, prompting her to turn off the television and only answer the door after the person on the other side, John Isidore, had introduced himself.[1]

Pris told Isidore she did not want any visitors until she was more settled in, as suitcases were strewn about, left by previous residents. Furthermore, she pointed out that the apartment was not furnished. Isidore offered to help her acquire furniture from other apartments, but Pris resisted the idea, bewildering Isidore, who explained kipple to her and that the entire universe would fall victim to kippleization, except for Wilbur Mercer's upward climb. Pris indicated to Isidore that she did not have an empathy box, a fact that bewildered him, accidentally revealing himself to be a special in the process. Isidore then prepared to head back to his own apartment, but Pris stopped him, saying she changed her mind about his offer to help her with furniture. She then introduced herself as Rachael Rosen, but quickly gave her real name upon Isidore's confusion, but insisting he call her Miss Stratton.[1]

Isidore later returned to Pris' apartment with food and wine, to which she initially responded positively, but the emotion soon faded, saying she did not wish to have any company. After Isidore suggested Pris felt this way just because she did not have any friends, she explained that she had been separated from her friends, believing that some or perhaps all of them had been killed by bounty hunters. Isidore was unaware of the existence of bounty hunters, so Pris explained them to him, neglecting the fact that bounty hunters were only supposed to kill androids. Tearfully, she ate some of the food and explained that she was familiar with androids due to her life on Mars, holding back the fact that she was one herself. She further explained to him her life on Mars until there was a knock on the door. She commanded Isidore to stay quiet, but soon heard Roy Baty's voice calling her name from the other side. She scrawled instructions onto a piece of paper for Isidore to answer the door to see if it was the Batys. The Batys then entered the apartment as soon as Isidore opened it.[1]

The Batys greeted Pris and were introduced to Isidore. After informing Pris that Anders, Gitchel, Polokov, Garland, and Luba Luft had been killed by bounty hunters, he indicated that the Batys would move into the building so that the three surviving androids could help protect each other. His plan included the suggestion of Pris moving in with Isidore, which she protested, but reluctantly complied at Irmgard's urging.[1]

Pris went with Isidore to his apartment, telling him that she and the Batys were actually schizophrenic and that they had escaped from an East Coast mental institution. Isidore stated that he never did believe in bounty hunters, reasoning that the government would not kill anyone. Pris then tried to point out that only organic life was protected by the government, but Roy then barged in to set up the security system. When he explained that it was outfitted with a Penfield mood organ to put the bounty hunter in a state of panic, Pris asked if it would effect Isidore. Roy stated that it would, but that he was in no danger because the bounty hunter would not target him. Pris then asked if Isidore's presence would set off the alarm, but Baty explained it had been adjusted so that one human in addition to Isidore would set off the alarm. Having heard this slip-up, Isidore realized that they were androids, but was accepting of them.[1]

With this information known to Isidore, Pris and the Batys took a vote to either stay or leave. They voted two-to-one, with Roy being the losing vote, suggesting that they kill Isidore and go elsewhere, but Pris and Irmgard both advocated for Isidore, Roy reluctantly agreeing.[1]

Later that evening, Pris commanded Isidore to bring her television and the rest of her belongings to the apartment. During his second trip, he found a spider and brought it with him. Curious, Pris examined the spider, wondering why it needed as many legs as it did and if it could walk on only four. Retrieving a pair of scissors from Irmgard, she began cutting legs off of the spider as Buster Friendly on the television exposed Wilbur Mercer as a fraud.[1]

The apartment's alarm system was then triggered and the group prepared for the bounty hunter's arrival. Pris asked Isidore to not let the hunter into the apartment, making sure he knew what would happen if he did. After Isidore went outside and the bounty hunter, Rick Deckard, made his way indoors, Pris prepared to ambush him. She ran up a flight of stairs with a laser tube, but Deckard quickly reacted, shooting Pris dead.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Pris originally appears in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. In the film adaptation, Blade Runner, she is played by Daryl Hannah and is not identical to Rachael. Her surname, 'Stratton' is also left out of the film.