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Film Continuity
Replicant designs on display

Various Nexus models on display at the Wallace Corporation's Earth headquarters

Project Nexus was a Tyrell Corporation research project that ultimately led to the production on the corporation's Nexus line of replicants.


The project's first replicant, the Nexus-1, was released in the year 2000.[1] The early Nexus models were automatons designed to replace humans in jobs that were deemed redundant, unpleasant, or dangerous.[2]

The Nexus-3 and Nexus-4 followed by 2009, with the Nexus-5 under development. At this time, the project was led by Dr. Charles Edevane.[1]

By 2018,[3] the Nexus-6 had been produced, with two Nexus-7s, Rachael[4] and Isobel Selwyn[5], being made by late the following year. After the death of Eldon Tyrell, the Nexus-8 was rushed onto the market in 2020, with replicant production being banned in 2023 in response to the Blackout.[4]

Properties from the bankrupt Tyrell Corporation were acquired by the Wallace Corporation in 2028, leading to the production of the subservient Nexus-9, which led to the lifting of the replicant ban in 2036.[6]