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Film Continuity

"An angel... made again. For you."

Niander Wallace[src]

A clone of Rachael was created by Niander Wallace and offered to Rick Deckard to make him talk during his interrogation.



The clone was created by Wallace after being informed about Deckard's history with the true Rachael from 2019 and how she birthed her child. It was implied that Wallace nurtured her and re-gathered/replicated the clothing worn by Rachael during her Voight-Kampff test with Deckard in hopes to provoke Deckard to elicit an emotional response and persuade him to reveal the location of their child.[1]


After Luv reported that Deckard had been captured and was being transported to the Wallace Corporation, Wallace dressed Rachael's clone in her 2019 attire and ordered her to stay in the shadows until he gave her a verbal cue to reveal herself to Deckard. After speaking with Deckard, Wallace gave the clone the signal to appear and she walked to Deckard and touched his face, hoping to receive an emotional reaction from him seeing a younger version of the woman he escaped with years ago.[1]

However, after examining the clone closely, Deckard removed her hand from his face and commented to Wallace how the true Rachael had green eyes, indicating that this Rachael was not accurate and Deckard continued to refuse to offer information.[1]


Not receiving the emotional response she was expecting, the clone stood in place staring at Deckard with a heartbroken expression. At this point, the clone did not notice Wallace give Luv a signal to pull out her pistol and shoot her in the head, ending her life. [1]

Behind the scenes[]

Rachael 2049 process

(from left to right) Loren Peta, in-progress CGI, and the finished product

The clone of Rachael was codenamed "Rita" during production and was portrayed by three different actresses, in terms of body, likeness, and voice. Loren Peta stood in for the body, due to having a similar build and appearance to Sean Young, who coached Peta in her performance.[2]

In a task that took a year to achieve, the likeness of a youthful Sean Young was superimposed over Peta's through the use of CGI. The digital model of Young's head was based on photos and footage of the actress in the original film and other films she appeared in during the same era, such as Dune.[3]

Finally, to re-create Young's voice, an uncredited, similar-sounding actress was hired.[4]