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Rachael Rosen was a Nexus-6 android housed at the Rosen Association, referred to as Eldon Rosen's niece.


Rachael was created around 1990/2019, but was given with memories that showed she was born aboard the Salander 3 around 1974/2003 and came to Earth fourteen years later. Rosen claimed he programmed Rachael to be unaware of the fact she was an android so she could be used as a sales device for prospective emigrants.[1]

On January 3, 1992/2021, she welcomed bounty hunter Rick Deckard to the Rosen headquarters in Seattle, where he intended to subject Nexus-6 androids and humans to the Voigt-Kampff test to determine whether it would assist in an assignment to retire escaped Nexus-6s. Upon meeting Deckard, Rachael immediately expressed distate for him due to his employment by the San Francisco Police Department, an outfit she felt was opposed to Rosen. She showed him the company's owl, Scrappy, insisting that it was real, and that Rosen was not interested in selling it.[1]

Taking Deckard inside, she introduced him to Eldon Rosen, who explained the company's difficulty in providing him Nexus-6 androids to test, due to them not being manufactured on Earth. As Deckard set up the Voigt-Kampff apparatus, he explained the test to her and the Rosens asked him to test Rachael first.[1]

After several questions, the test determined Rachael was an android. The Rosens attempted to discredit this fact by explaining Rachael had an underdeveloped sense of empathy due to most of her life being spent on the Salander 3. Wanting Deckard to return to his superiors with the news that the Voigt-Kampff was obsolete, they bribed him with the company's owl on the condition that they would receive any of its offspring and for it to be returned to them upon his death. Resisting this, they agreed to allow him to pass on the owl to an heir. They allowed him thirty minutes to think it over, but before they were to leave him alone, Deckard insisted on one more Voigt-Kampff question, causing Rachael to suspect that she was an android.[1]

The last question concerned Deckard insisting his suitcase was made from babyhide, and Rachael's response convinced him that the test was not wrong. As Deckard prepared to leave, Eldon confirmed that Rachael was indeed an android manufactured for sales purposes and confirmed to Deckard that the owl was artificial as well.[1]

Later, Rachael called Deckard and offered to help him in his task of retiring rogue androids. She explained that the androids could drop their guard if they were greeted by her, a fellow android. Deckard did not decline the offer, but said he would contact her later.[1]

Deckard called Rachael in the evening, asking her to join him, but she insisted to wait for the following day. Deckard accused her of wanting vengeance for the Voigt-Kampff test, prompting Rachael to question whether he called her to help him or to convince him to not retire the androids that night. When Deckard proposed the two of them sharing a hotel room after he had heard about relations between male bounty hunters and female androids, Rachael suddenly changed her mind and agreed to meet him at the St. Francis Hotel.[1]

She met with Deckard, who showed her the files on the remaining androids. Rachael took notice that Pris Stratton was the same model as she, identical in appearance. This fact made her uneasy and somewhat empathetic towards the other android. Over a bottle of bourbon, she then admitted that the reason she offered to join Deckard was on behalf of the Rosen Association, to research the weaknesses of the Nexus-6 so that the company's next android could be even better and more difficult to detect.[1]

Fearful for her own life if she went with Deckard and slightly drunk, Rachael suggested they stay at the hotel room and sleep together. As she undressed and settled into the bed, she pointed out to Deckard a device in her purse that would temporarily disable an android's respiratory system. Deckard then began to give into Rachael's suggestions of sex, but became anxious due to the thought of retiring Pris. When Rachael declared that she would kill Pris, Deckard finally joined her and they slept together.[1]

As Rachael and Deckard took off to find the androids, Rachael asked Deckard about his wife. Though he did not answer her question, he admitted that if Rachael were not an android, he would marry her. She then told Deckard that the previous bounty hunters she slept with – except for Phil Resch – no longer hunted androids after being with her. Suddenly, Deckard started driving toward the ground, saying that he was going to kill her. Rachael searched through her purse for some sort of defense, but quickly gave up. Changing his mind, Deckard decided to take Rachael back to her car instead and go off alone. Rachael noted that the previous bounty hunters had also threatened to kill her but not follow through. She then tried to provoke Deckard, implying that he loved his newly purchased goat more than he loved his wife. Receiving no response, she turned on the radio to Buster Friendly and His Friendly Friends but Deckard turned it off. Rachael turned the radio back on and lit a cigarette.[1]

Rachael later went to Deckard's home and took his goat out of its cage. She pushed it off of the roof, killing it.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Rachael initially appears in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. In the loose film adaptation, Blade Runner, she is played by Sean Young and is not identical to Pris.