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Rachael Tyrell was the twin sister of Sarah Tyrell and the namesake of Rachael.

The twins were born to replicants Anson and Ruth Tyrell aboard the Salander 3. As her father prepared to kill the twins, Rachael was placed inside a transport sleep module by her mother before she herself was killed. Overtaken by empathy, Anson killed himself and the ship returned to Earth, with Sarah exiting alone.[1]

Years later, by which time Rachael had physically grown to the equivalent of a ten-year-old, the now-adult Sarah found her aboard the wreckage of the ship, having been ordered to do so by agents of the defunct Tyrell Corporation. Rachael identified herself, but Sarah believed her to be just an illusion. Nevertheless, Sarah killed the agents and left the wreckage with Rachael, returning to her Mars colony apartment she shared with Rick Deckard.[1]

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