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Film Continuity

Rash was the codename for a replicant copy of Aahna Ashina, which was created by Niander Wallace to assist Luv when he and the Los Angeles Police Department became disappointed in her performance as a Blade Runner.[1]


Wallace presented Rash to Luv and displayed that she was completely obedient; the only command she was incapable of following was to kill a human. Wallace ordered Luv to leave with Rash and to bring back Isobel Selwyn and Alexander Selwyn's research on replicant physiology.[2]

The pair traveled to Redondo Beach in search of information about the whereabouts of Ash and Cleo Selwyn. They questioned a girl, Luv initially going for a physical approach. However, Rash successfully bribed her and they were pointed to the ferryman, Taki, who told them he heard Ash and Cleo went to Mexico. Rash immediately knew this to be a lie, but convinced Luv that they should find Isobel instead of continuing to pursue Ash and Cleo.[3]

They went to the Hollywood Hills and to the home of Hollis, a scientist who had previously worked for Selwyn. He provided them with no useful information about Isobel or Selwyn's goals of replicant reproduction and their interrogation was quickly interrupted by Hythe. Hythe explained that she planned to kill Wallace and demanded information from them, but Rash attacked and a fight broke out, ending in Rash obtaining her first retirement by fatally shooting Hythe through the chest. The pair stepped away to give Hollis a few moments to prepare for further questioning.[3]

Rash and Luv soon traveled to San Francisco, finding the residence of Isobel's relatives. They waited there until Ash arrived with the replicant Mack. Rash shot him and introduced herself to Ash, remarking "nice to meet me."[4] Ash denied knowledge of Isobel's whereabouts and asked the Blade Runners to let her and Mack go. Curiously, Rash broke Ash's finger, then her own, remarking that she now knew what it felt like to be Ash. Having hijacked Rash and Luv's spinner, Isobel attacked and came to Ash's rescue. Mack fired at Rash's shoulder, injuring it, though she managed to return fire, killing Mack.[5]

The two returned to Wallace, who assured them that their failure to capture Isobel was of little concern, as he believed Isobel would now come to them.[5]

Rash joined Ash at a noodle bar, wishing to learn more about her. However, Ash instead led Rash to an ambush. She attacked Sapper Morton, who reluctantly fought back until Lexi tranquilized her. While being interrogated, Rash disclosed that Luv told her Wallace was close to achieving replicant fertility and that Isobel was the key. Ash then demanded that she help get them to Wallace.[6]

Rash later broke free from her restraints and held Isobel hostage as she burst into the other room, begging the group to let her join them, as she has no loyalty to Wallace and wished to have her own freedom. Moments later, Luv burst into the hideout and demanded Rash to place Isobel in her spinner. Instead, Rash freed Isobel and attacked Luv, knocking her out. She then turned to the group and again asked them to let her join.[7]

Ash remained distrustful of Rash, but was convinced by Freysa to bring her along to meet a contact of Wallace's. They met Daisy, Wallace's childhood nursemaid and told her to arrange a meeting with Wallace so they could reach him. Instead, she summoned her pleasure model, Hanii, who attacked Rash, strangling her until Ash restrained Daisy, forcing the meeting to be arranged.[8]

Rash cut her hair and dressed as Ash to pose as her at the meeting. Wallace had expected Ash, due to the tone of Daisy's voice, and was fooled by the deception. Wallace revealed that he had researched Ash's file, as well as her spinal affliction, which he claimed he could cure for her. Rash refused Wallace's offer and fought off his security detail while he escaped.[9]

After being given Selwyn's research, Wallace no longer actively pursued Cleo and Isobel. However, Rash decided to go to the colonies with them as protection.[9]