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"Reality" is the seventh episode of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime.


Injured from the explosion at the Grants' apartment, Elle stumbles back to Joseph's apartment, where he treats her wounds. She asks him what a Blade Runner is, which he hesitantly defines as "someone who retires replicants," neglecting to elaborate on the meaning of "retire," instead suggesting she cease her plot for revenge. He refuses to help her find Doctor M, reasoning that he does not want his actions to lead to her death.

Officer Davis arrives and Elle hides in an adjacent room with her sword. She tries to question him about the Black Lotus case and mentions his past as an extremely successful Blade Runner, but he denies this. Extracting no useful information from Joseph, Davis leaves her card with him and exits the apartment. Joseph goes to get Elle, but finds that she has left through a window.

Niander Wallace, Jr. goes to his father, indicating to him that he has been locked out of his office. The elder Wallace, faced with Elle's slayings, intends to cover the company's tracks, as Elle was their creation. In doing so, he tells his son that the company will be selling its Tyrell Corporation assets, including the replicant program. Calmly, Wallace Jr. insists that his replicants are flawless and that his father would soon realize this.

Elle uses a Vid-Phon to call Doctor M's work in order to obtain the address. She makes her way there, scaling the building and entering. Inside, she incapacitates guard, but trips a laser, which allows Doctor M to stun her. She wakes restrained to a machine, which Doctor M and his colleague, Goodman, use to view her memories, making note that some are remembered by Elle differently than they were programmed and some were given to her by someone else.

Elle soon breaks free from her restraints and grabs Goodman. Doctor M shoots Goodman in the shoulder and Elle lets go. He attempts to shoot her again, but one bullet hits the machine, which releases a cloud of gas, allowing Elle to move in on him. Holding her blade to his neck, she learns from him that Niander Wallace, Sr. organized the doll hunt. Security guards then burst into the room and Elle fatally slashes Doctor M's side before knocking out the guards. A frightened Goodman confirms to her that Wallace organized the hunt and that her memory of being by the pool with her boyfriend was real.




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  • Daiki Suzuki
  • Momoka Takaski
  • Naoki Tasaki