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Replicants in El Santuario, a settlement aided by sympathetic humans

Since at least 2019, various movements were formed to promote the freedom of replicants.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2019, the Replicant Underground – a network of former Tyrell Corporation designers – had formed, sympathizing with replicants. The group assisted Isobel and Cleo Selwyn to El Santuario, a refuge for escaped replicants.[1] Also that year, the Citizens Against Replicant Slavery, led by Spencer Grigorian, held a rally for their cause.[2]

In 2022, in the midst of a human supremacy movement, Tyrell technician Ren Dus assisted a group of replicants in orchestrating the Blackout. Dus did his part by redirecting a missile to detonate an EMP blast over Los Angeles, decimating all electronic data, including the Replicant Registration database, which human supremacists had been using to hunt down and kill replicants.[3]

By 2023, the Replicant Underground Resistance had formed. In addition to their duties in hunting replicants, Blade Runners were given the task to eliminate any agent or ally of the resistance. This group sought to obtain and destroy Night Owl, a pathogen designed by Eldon Tyrell to eliminate replicant life if deemed too dangerous.[4]

In 2027, headquartered at a derelict farm, a group of AWOL replicants was led by the Nexus-8 Freysa Sadeghpour, with the goal of replicant freedom. This included the goal of hunting down Alexander Selwyn, who had by this time been illegally producing replicants with the Canaan Corporation.[5] After Selwyn was killed, former Blade Runner Aahna Ashina returned to her career, through which she secretly assisted fugitive replicants.[6]

By 2049, after Wallace Corporation agents led by Luv ambushed Nexus-9 Blade Runner K and former Blade Runner Rick Deckard – resulting in Deckard's capture – the group took K to safety. Due to Deckard's connection to the group, having fathered Ana Stelline with the Nexus-7 Rachael, Freysa requested K to kill Deckard so that the group could not be compromised. However, K spared Deckard, allowing him to meet his daughter for the first time.[7]

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