Rikki is a chihuahua owned by Marcus Eisenduller. He is introduced and featured in Blade Runner (video game).

Eisenduller spent the majority of his time in an artificial gravity room, where his immense size did not hinder him. He rarely left and frequently ordered takeout (especially from Kingston Kitchen) for him and Rikki (alongside a couple other unnamed chihuahuas) to eat.

The infiltration of the Tyrell Pyramid by Sadik led to the interrogation and death of Eisenduller when Sadik got what he wanted out of him. Eisneduller was brutally murdered by explosive and Rikki shot and killed.

Eisenduller's data on replicant lifespans can be accessed by Blade Runner Ray McCoy. A password is required to access the data, which can be found on Rikki's collar in the gravity room or in one of the security photos analyzed by the Esper machine.