Robert Gorsky or Bullet Bob is the owner of Bullet Bob's Runner Surplus and a veteran of the Third Terran War. He is accused of being a psychopath by Hassan, whom he has threatened, but Gorsky views his outburst as justified, due to Hassan having sold him an iguana which promptly died. Gorsky can supply McCoy with a limited number of higher-powered bullets for his firearm. He has long hair, though balding.

By Gorsky's own account, he served in the military for around three and a half years. He is somewhat physically disabled, claiming that his eyes are his only bodily organs to have survived the war. He despises replicants. When subjected to a Voight-Kampff test, his result is almost always inconclusive. Bob is the only character with whom tampering with the Voight-Kampff test can alter the result, allowing the player to "decide" whether he is human or a replicant, and therefore whether or not he can be killed by McCoy without any repurcussions.