Sadik was one of the renegade replicants in Blade Runner (video game).

Events of 2019

Sadik, along with Clovis, attempted to find a way to extend Nexus-6 replicant life spans beyond 4 years. Based on random chance, Sadik may be a replicant or a human in a typical playthrough.

Infiltrating the Tyrell Corporation

Sadik is introduced in the cut-scene of Act 2, where he murders Marcus Eisenduller, a scientist of the Tyrell Corporation, after infiltrating the building to find out more about replicant incept dates. This directly leads to Blade Runner Ray McCoy investigating the crime as well as Crystal Steele following up on her own investigation of a factory bombing, linking the same perpetrator to both crimes.

Sadik is also responsible for the Moonbus hijacking and the murdering of Moraji, a scientist on DNA Row and employee of the Tyrell Corporation.

Fate in the Kipple

At the end of the game, he and Clovis hideout at the crashed Moonbus, but are pursued by McCoy and, sometimes, Steele. If McCoy has been siding with the replicants, Sadik won't die. If McCoy is hostile to replicants, Sadik attempts to kill Mccoy and Steele, if she is present. Steele will die if McCoy doesn't stop Sadik's tripwire from going off, and so her fate is decided by McCoy's actions as well.