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Film Continuity

Appeared in Blade Runner (video game), Sadik was a member of a replicant renegade group led by Clovis. A ruthless, skilled terrorist. and an expert in demolitions. Based on random chance, Sadik may be a replicant or a human.

Events of 2019 Edit

Tyrell Corporation Bombing Edit

Sadik, by masquerading as a Jamaican food delivery man, manages to infiltrate Tyrell HQ and reached Marcus Eisenduller, a key Tyrell scientist. Unable to get the information he wanted, he brutally killed the scientist by stuffing a bomb into his mouth..In the aftermath, Blade Runner Ray McCoy investigated the destroyed lab. From the surviving surveillance footage, Sadik was identified as the murderer. Crystal Steele, following up on her own investigation of a factory bombing, concluded that Sadik was the perpetrator in both crimes.

Sadik is also responsible for the Moonbus massacre and the death of Moraji, an Indian scientist worked for Tyrell Corporation.

Fate Edit

In the final act, Sadik served as the bodyguard of Clovis. If McCoy chooses to side with the replicants, Sadik will be friendly toward McCoy and instruct the latter to reactivate the Moonbus. In this scenario, Sadik will survive.

If McCoy choose to terminate all replicants, Sadik will try to defend the moonbus with his life. He boobytrapped the surrounding with explosives, which may kill Crystal Steele providing McCoy fails to detect and disable the tripwire.

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