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Sarah Tyrell was the niece of Eldon Tyrell and the templant of Rachael. Following Tyrell's death, she inherited the Tyrell Corporation.


The daughter of replicants[1] Anson and Ruth Tyrell, she was born aboard the Salander 3, the final private off-world flight sanctioned by the United Nations.[2] She was the twin sister of Rachael, who was stored in a transport sleep module following the murder-suicide of their parents. They were sent back to Earth, where Sarah left the Salander 3 alone.[1]


Rachael, a replicant made using Sarah as a templant

At some point, a replicant, Rachael was made from Sarah by Eldon.[2]

In November 2019, Sarah was in Zurich until her uncle was murdered by the Roy Batty replicant. She returned to Los Angeles and inherited the Tyrell Corporation.[2]

Less than a year later, using an error Harry Bryant made the previous year while briefing Rick Deckard on six escaped replicants (Bryant mistakenly told Deckard there were five living instead of four), Sarah formed a conspiracy to destroy Tyrell Corporation. Her reasoning for this was that her uncle created Rachael to replace her as his beloved niece, so she sought vengeance. In order to make this conspiracy work, she killed Bryant and found Deckard in the outskirts of Los Angeles. She visited him, revealing her identity to him and assigning a task force led by Andersson – who worked for her partially in exchange for sex – to take Deckard to the Tyrell headquarters. There, she gave him the task of retiring the fictional sixth replicant he supposedly failed to deal with the previous year. Although Deckard was initially reluctant, Sarah convinced him by coupling her appearance – identical to Rachael – with recordings of Deckard and Rachael.[2]

She later ordered Andersson to execute Isidore and upon his return, she stabbed Andersson to death.[2]

Following a tracker placed in Dave Holden's artificial organs, she located Deckard at a Blade Runner safehouse. There, she saw Pris and coldly shot her in the face, killing her. Afterwards, she urged Deckard to leave with her.[2]

Under her orders, the transport sleep module that held Rachael was removed from the cabin before it was set ablaze, then returned and turned off after the fire was out. Sarah then created a persynth of herself to greet Deckard in her suite as she lay in her bed, pretending to be Rachael. The persynth revealed the conspiracy and announced the building's destruction, prompting her to escape with Deckard and Holden.[2]

Sarah and Deckard gained false identifications as "Mr. and Mrs. Niemand" and emigrated Off-world.[2]

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