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Sarah Tyrell was the daughter of Anson and Ruth Tyrell, replicants designed to be the brother and sister-in-law of Eldon Tyrell. She was the twin of Rachael and served as the templant of a replicant also named Rachael. Recognized as Eldon Tyrell's niece, Sarah inherited the Tyrell Corporation following his death.


The daughter of replicants[1] Anson and Ruth Tyrell, she was born aboard the Salander 3, the final private off-world flight sanctioned by the United Nations.[2] She was the twin sister of Rachael, who was stored in a transport sleep module following the murder-suicide of their parents. They were sent back to Earth, where Sarah left the Salander 3 alone.[1] Whilst believing she truly was Tyrell's human niece, she went on to spend much of her childhood in religious boarding schools.[2]


Rachael, a replicant made using Sarah as a templant

At some point, a replicant, Rachael was made from Sarah by Eldon, outfitted with a number of Sarah's own memories.[2]

In November 2019, Sarah was in Zurich until her uncle was murdered by the Roy Batty replicant. She returned to Los Angeles and inherited the Tyrell Corporation.[2]

In August 2020, using an error Harry Bryant made the previous year while briefing Rick Deckard on six escaped replicants (Bryant mistakenly told Deckard there were five still living instead of four), Sarah formed a conspiracy to destroy Tyrell Corporation. Her reasoning for this was that her uncle created Rachael to replace her as his beloved niece, so she sought vengeance.[2]

In order to make this conspiracy work, she first had to kill Bryant, entering his office as he drank heavily following Gaff's funeral. She sat smoking a cigarette and accepted a drink from Bryant after he noticed she was there. Eventually, Bryant asked why she was there, which she answered by drawing a gun and shooting Bryant in the heart, killing him.[2]

She later found Deckard in Oregon, causing him to initially believe that he was hallucinating a vision of Rachael. Once Deckard drew his gun and suggested a murder-suicide, Sarah slapped his gun from his hand and revealed her actual identity. As she examined Rachael, who Deckard kept inside of a stolen transport sleep module, Sarah reiterated to Deckard that she was Tyrell's niece. Due to Tyrell having no living relatives, Deckard continued to doubt her until she stated that she was born in transit aboard the Salander 3, thus was an unrecorded birth. When Deckard asked why she had come to him, she knelt down and moved her face close to the sleep module's window, saying that she wanted to know what love was like for Rachael. She then told Deckard there was much he did not know that he would find out. She then left in her spinner.[2]

As she left, a task force was summoned, led by Andersson – who worked for her partially in exchange for sex – to take Deckard to the Tyrell headquarters. Meanwhile, Sarah returned to the headquarters, visiting Eldon's suite, which she had closed off to all other company personnel since her return from Zurich. There, she examined the living quarters, which were left as they were. After shutting down Tyrell's brokerage program, – which had still been awaiting his response for an incomplete transaction – Sarah made her way to the office to await Deckard's arrival.[2]

Upon his arrival, she poured Deckard a drink and offered the ex-Blade Runner a job. Once he suggested she give the job to Dave Holden instead, Sarah revealed a recording of Deckard doing the same thing when offered his last job. Revealing further recordings, such as one revealing Bryant's mistake, she segued into detailing the task of retiring the fictional sixth replicant he supposedly failed to deal with the previous year. Deckard was initially reluctant, disbelieving that there was a replicant still alive, reasoning that Bryant was a drunk and must have been mistaken. However, Sarah provided rebuttals to each of his arguments, mostly blaming poor record-keeping. Further, she detailed to him that the United Nations were ready to set off the Tyrell Corporation self-destructive explosives if the Nexus-6 was proven to be too dangerous for continued production. Sarah eventually convinced him by alluding that Rachael would be his reward, using her own resemblance to Rachael to persuade him.[2]

She later ordered Andersson to execute Isidore and upon his return, she stabbed Andersson to death.[2]

Following a tracker placed in Holden's artificial organs, she located Deckard at a Blade Runner safehouse. There, she saw Pris and coldly shot her in the face, killing her. Afterwards, she urged Deckard to leave with her.[2]

Under her orders, the transport sleep module that held Rachael was removed from the cabin before it was set ablaze, then returned and turned off after the fire was out. Sarah then created a persynth of herself to greet Deckard in her suite as she lay in her bed, pretending to be Rachael. The persynth revealed the conspiracy and announced the building's destruction, prompting her to escape with Deckard and Holden.[2]

Sarah and Deckard gained false identifications as "Mr. and Mrs. Niemand" and emigrated Off-world.[2]

They settled on Mars, where eventually the lack of available activity and stimulus took a toll on Sarah's mental well-being. By this point, she was well-aware that Deckard had realized she was not really Rachael and did not love her. Sarah's only remaining ambition was to kill Deckard and then herself.[1]

She was visited by two agents of the Tyrell Corporation, Wycliffe and Zwingli. Sarah was surprised, since she believed that she destroyed the Tyrell Corporation, but the agents explained that they work for the "shadow corporation," and they needed Sarah to return with them to help discover an artifact from the Tyrell Corporation's past - the Salander 3.[1]

Sarah went with the two men and descended into the wreckage of the Salander 3. There, she saw her own name written on a wall in blood and met a ten-year-old girl, identical to herself, who claimed that her name was Rachael. Sarah assumed that the girl is a hallucination, an image of her own younger self. Exploring further, she found whole areas of the ship were covered in blood and the remains of humans and animals and was nearly herself attacked by a stumbling, severely wounded image of her father. Sarah fled the Salander 3 and was rescued by the two Tyrell agents, but was shocked when they claimed that they could also see the little girl and rescued her too. Sarah remained convinced that they could not really see Rachael and were pretending to be able to in order to drive her mad. Sarah, Rachael, and the two agents talked about what they saw. It appeared that Anson Tyrell went insane and attempted to murder Sarah, but murdered Ruth instead and then killed himself upon realizing what he had done. However, with still no clue as to why Anson Tyrell would go insane, the two Tyrell agents asked Sarah to return to the Salander 3 to find out more information and she agreed as long as she was given a gun to defend herself with. After receiving the gun, Sarah shot both the agents and left with Rachael.[1]

Sarah and Rachael were joined by Deckard at their apartment. Sarah still insisted that Rachael was a hallucination and when Deckard was able to converse with the girl, Sarah insisted that Deckard was in league with the Tyrell agents and was conspiring to drive her insane. Sarah prepared to shoot Deckard, but he managed to trick her and escape, taking Rachael with him. Sarah became enraged; and at that moment, Urbenton - the director of a film Deckard had consulted on - visited the apartment, explaining that he had an interest in arranging Deckard's death, a desire he had learned that she shared. They set up a series of scenes for the film to culminate in Sarah killing Deckard live on camera. The film would then be presented as a documentary on Earth, likely increasing anti-replicant sentiment.[1]

Deckard confronted Sarah at the rooftop set and showed her a photo in his possession. It showed Anson and Ruth Tyrell, in Salander 3 uniforms cradling twin girls: Sarah and Rachael, the girl that was found in the ship. Sarah protested that if they were sisters, they would be the same age now. But Deckard replied that they were not, because Rachael was held in a sleep capsule, hidden there by Ruth to save her from Anson's rampage. He further explained that the purpose of the Salander 3 mission was not to visit the far colonies at all, but rather to fly towards the far colonies and then return, to see what effects occurred in their vicinity. Anson and Ruth Tyrell were replicants, specially engineered to be unaware of that fact, and when the ship got far enough away from Earth, they became able to breed, and gave birth to Rachael and Sarah. But then, as a male experimental replicant, the modified stepfather syndrome programmed into Anson activated: he was able to murder Ruth before his new-found empathy overrode his programming and he killed himself, and the two children returned to Earth. Rachael was hidden in a sleep capsule, but Sarah remained exposed. When the ship returned to Earth, Sarah stepped off it. Tyrell did the best he could to cover up the entire incident.[1]

Sarah was astonished by this revelation and finally admitted that she could only deny that Rachael truly existed because she had known, even since she first saw her, that Rachael was truly her sister. Distraught, she asked Deckard to kiss her the way he kissed Rachael. He did so and Sarah fatally shot herself as he embraced her.[1]