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Film Continuity

Selene was a replicant assigned to the Blade Runner Joseph to retire.


After going rogue, Selene found employment as a singer at a Los Angeles bar. It was there that she took notice of Joseph, who she soon determined was a police officer. One evening, after a performance, she gave her autograph to a fan before Joseph visited her in her dressing room. There, Selene revealed her suspicions that he was a cop and stated that she had not run from him because she was curious of what her short life would bring next. She urged him to return the next night to see what would happen.[1]

Joseph returned the next several nights in a row and finally encountered a fellow Blade Runner, Brook Marlowe, who urged Joseph to finish his job. Marlowe told Selene that her next song would be her last, thus she delivered a farewell to her audience before giving her final performance.[1]

Outside, Selene met with Joseph and they kissed before Marlowe shot her. As she died in Joseph's arms, she weakly said "I can almost hear..." before dying.[2]