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Film Continuity

Silka was a replicant.


Having once belonged to Yotun's revolutionary group, she eventually turned on them.[1] She sought out Freysa Sadeghpour of the Replicant Underground, informing her where Aahna Ashina was being kept hostage.[2]

Silka went with Dyson and Farhad to shut down power to five sectors, then went to Yotun's facility, with Freysa acting as their hostage. Upon their arrival, the group stated that they had turned on Freysa's cause and staged a power shutdown in support of the revolution. Yotun embraced Silka, welcoming her back home, but was skeptical of the group, believing this to be a ploy to rescue Ash. Nevertheless, he played along, but took Freysa with him for an important mission.[1]

After being shown to the living quarters, Silka managed to knock out Lelia, allowing them to find Ash, who was freed from a rejuvenation tank by Silka, who shot the tank. The group then began their escape from the facility, but Silka was gunned down by Kalia.[1]