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BladeRunner Spinner

Several spinners flying over the industrial sprawl section of Los Angeles, California

A spinner was a type of flying vehicle used by the Los Angeles Police Department, as well as civilians and corporate entities who could afford them. Spinners were utilized extensively by the police to surveil the population and were capable of driving on the ground or flying in the air.


As of November, 2019, spinners were used by the police for transportation and surveillance. Gaff made use of one to traverse Los Angeles, with Rick Deckard as a passenger on more than one occasion.[1]

By 2049, the spinner's design had changed considerably. Officer K made use of one provided by his employers, the LAPD. His spinner featured updated electrical systems, as well as an autonomous drone with a turret.[2]

The Wallace Corporation also made use of spinners, with their own variants of the vehicle. Upon Deckard's capture by the corporation, a larger, seemingly more civilian-oriented spinner with back seats was used to transport him to the Los Angeles spaceport. A battle between K's spinner and the convoy of Wallace corporation spinners transporting Deckard unfolded. K used his vehicle's turret to shoot down the escorting spinners, and to incapacitate the larger spinner carrying Deckard.[2]


Spinners managed to fly through the use of aerodyne turbines. In addition to these turbines, the Detective Special Model 294-02 also contained a standard combustion engine and vector jet propulsion engines.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Spinner concept art

Concept art by Mead

The spinner was designed by Syd Mead, appearing in Blade Runner, Soldier, Blade Runner (1997), and Blade Runner 2049. It has been replicated in films such as The Fifth Element and the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

References in popular culture[]

  • The film Back to the Future Part II paid homage to the Spinner from Blade Runner in that a garishly repainted spinner can be seen parked in a driveway. A spinner car also rests on the Hill Valley Street during the hoverboard chase.
  • Another tribute to the Blade Runner spinner can be seen at various points in the Star Wars films Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Episode II: Attack of the Clones; the homage was made in part with regard to similarities between urban traffic of 2019 Los Angeles as portrayed in Blade Runner, and that of the city-planet Coruscant as depicted in the Star Wars prequel films.[1]
  • In the game Perfect Dark Zero, spinners can be seen in the skies over Hong Kong in the fourth level.
  • In the game Cyberpunk 2077, the Aerodyne Vehicle (AV) used by the wealthy population of Night City is a reference to the spinner.
  • In the game Need for Speed II, the Monolithic Studios course has a section referencing Blade Runner, which includes a spinner. In the game's PC port players can drive it upon entering a cheat code.



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