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Taffey Lewis is the owner of Taffey's Snake Pit Bar in the Fourth Sector.


Deckard's Investigation

Taffey is obviously used to policemen and has little time for them. When Deckard tries to ask him about his use of artificial snakes, Taffey denies using them, claiming he only uses real ones. Deckard's threats don't wash with him and he dismisses Deckard with a free drink before leaving.

In a deleted scene, his bartender Louie gives Deckard some information in Taffey's stead.

Behind the Scenes

Taffey was played by Hy Pyke. An interesting bit of trivia is that although Ridley Scott is a notorious perfectionist when it comes to shooting and reshooting scenes, Hy Pyke managed to play Taffey perfectly in one take. It was also Hy Pyke's suggestion that Taffey Lewis sit at the bar. Pyke, being a comedian, observed that club owners would sit at the end of the bar, calling it their "power position".

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