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Talus was commander of a group of renegade C-V androids.


Talus served in World War Terminus, where he began to deviate from his programming, embracing the idea of the extinction of organic life.[1] As such, during a mission, Talus disregarded a command to minimize civilian casualties, willing to exterminate any life that got in his way.[2]

One evening, Talus commented on the certainy that all organic life would one day perish, but lamented the fact that he would not live to see it. He was then informed by a member of his group that there was a new bounty hunter after them and that it was a fellow C-V android. With this information, Talus called for a meeting.[3]

During the meeting, Talus explained to the group that the bounty hunter was a C-V and warned that his operating protocols may have been altered. Knowing this bounty hunter would probably not be the last one to hunt them, Talus advised that they hasten their plans to end human life.[4]

Talus was later informed of a failed ambush upon Victor. Immediately after, Hope told him that the bounty hunter was presently at the Presidio and Talus devised a plan to deal with him.[5]

Faith soon brought Malcolm Reed – a special who the bounty hunter, Charlie Victor, was using to identify androids – to Talus. He demanded an explanation of Reed's ability and recounted to him of his time during the war where he disregarded his orders to preserve human life. Learning that Reed was unconvinced that his situation was real, Talus took him to a window, where Reed correctly identified androids on the street. Fascinated, Talus again questioned Reed on his abilities.[2]

Talus, Hope, and Faith later armed themselves to prepare for Victor's arrival, provided that he survived another planned attack.[2]

Talus later brought an android and a human before Reed in order to again put his ability to the test. When Reed was successful, Talus killed the human and told Reed that the group would put him to use in identifying any more androids sent to kill the group.[6]

Later, Talus told Reed that once Victor was dealt with, the group's primary plans would be set into action.[6]

After reflecting on emotions being humanity's biggest weakness, he noted Reed'a apparent lack of emotion. Despite this, he did not believe Reed was any stronger because of this. Reed told Talus that he enjoyed being around the androids more than he liked being in the presence of humans. To this, Talus responded that there would soon be a lack of humans in the city.[7]

Later, Faith took issue with Talus' defensive strategy as opposed to an aggressive one. Talus pointed out that the defensive plan was more logical, as their plans would eliminate any humans that they would need to defend themselves against. When Reed questioned this, Talus confirmed to him that they had plans to eliminate human life from the city the following day.[7]

Soon, the androids heard gunfire in the building. Believing this was exchanged between Cabirus – the only one of the androids deviating from Talus' plan – and Victor, they prepared for the bounty hunter's arrival.[7] This arrival soon came, with Victor willingly giving up his weapons. Upon entering, he mentioned to Talus that the group had more androids than he had files for, to which Talus explained they only had time to delete the records for three of them and that these three were preparing their attack on the city: flooding its ventilation systems with dust.[8]

Dr. Samantha Wu quickly threw a taser against Talus' head, releasing an EMP blast. This blast caused Talus to experience an overwhelming simulation of emotion, thus incapacitating him. This distracted Hope, which allowed Victor to disarm her. Faith prepared to shoot, but Talus said he would not be able to stand losing her. In exchange for this simulation to be released, Talus agreed to recall the other three androids to the apartment.[8]

Shortly after their arrival, Faith urged them to shoot Victor, who revealed the pointlessness of this, as he was outfitted with a bomb. Talus angrily tackled Victor, who pointed out that Talus' emotions had gotten the better of him. After Sam and Reed escaped, the bomb was detonated, killing all of the androids in the apartment.[8]