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"The Davis Report" is the eighth episode of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime.


On request by the Los Angeles civilian police oversight commission, Officer Alani Davis is interrogated by Investigator Alan Chen, due to her proximities to the deaths of Senator Arthur Bannister and Police Chief Earl Grant. She recounts to him her investigation and pursuit of Black Lotus. Chen expresses his doubts in Davis' account and her assertion that Black Lotus is a replicant. Davis stands firm on her position, insisting that Black Lotus is different from a Nexus-8, which must mean someone has illegally resumed replicant production.

Davis reveals that she learned the Grants' and Hooper's vacation dates to have lined up and Hooper's last-known coordinates placed him in the Nevada desert. Chen agrees to investigate the area, where they find the remains of the doll hunt. Although Chen suggests that she will be commended, upon her return to the precinct, Davis learns she has been placed on leave for at least three months due to supposed delusional behavior. She finds a newspaper that reports rumors of Tyrell Corporation assets being put up for sale by the Wallace Corporation.




Motion capture[]


  • Sanshiro Wada
  • Nobuhiko Tanaka
  • Hiroto Tanaka
  • Yuko Kawana
  • Takashi Furuya
  • Kouhei Matsuoka
  • Momoka Takashi