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"The Persistence of Memory" is the sixth episode of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime.


Josephine Grant expresses to her husband her insecurity with their apartment's current security detail. After hanging up, she begins to pour herself a drink until she sees Elle's shadow pass by the window. She calls her husband again, who tells her to lock herself in the bedroom and that he would come. Officer Alani Davis sees Chief Grant leave and follows him. Elle incapacitates the policemen who stand guard and she enters the apartment.

Policemen take Joseph to his apartment and Marlowe – who has a history with Joseph – arrives. Marlowe tells the officers to release Joseph, as they will not find anything at his apartment. After getting back into his spinner, Marlowe receives a call from Chief Grant, ordering him to go to the Grants' apartment.

As Elle wanders about the apartment, she finds a photo of the Grants during the hunt. Josephine soon spots her and runs to an office, grabbing a handgun from the desk and firing, but missing every shot. Elle pins Josephine to the desk and Josephine begs for her life. Josephine insists she was only a spectator in the hunt and that they were invited by her husband's friend Doctor M, but doesn't know who planned it.

Chief Grant arrives at his apartment, with Davis tailing him. Chief Grant goes inside and to the office and, like his wife, claims to not know who planned the trip, which he likens to the hunting of animals. He puts his gun away and attempts to make Elle let her guard down by saying he can help her, and suddenly attacks her. After a struggle, Elle manages to stab Grant. As he dies, he fires his gun, which misses Elle and hits his wife in the chest. As Josephine dies, she tells Elle that her emotions are not real.

Davis arrives at the office and attempts to make Elle stand down. However, Elle does not and says she was not the one who started what led to the Grants' deaths. Before she can elaborate, Marlowe arrives and crashes through the window. He pursues and fights Elle through the apartment, which ends up in the kitchen. His shotgun is fired into the wall, breaking open a gas line above the stove. Elle uses this opportunity to start a flame, causing an explosion that blasts her out of the apartment. Marlowe manages to get back up and drags Davis out of the apartment. Back on the streets, Elle ponders Josephine's last words, thinking that if her emotions were not real, revenge should hurt less.




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  • Sanshiro Wada
  • Nobuhiko Tanaka
  • Momoka Takashi