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Film Continuity
The Snake Pit

The Snake Pit was a bar in the Chinatown district of the Fourth Sector[1] or in Nightclub Row in the First Sector of Los Angeles.[2]

The establishment had opened by 2009[3] and as of 2019, it was owned by Taffey Lewis. One of several bartenders was Louie. Following her escape from the Off-world colonies, the fugitive replicant Zhora found employment as a dancer at The Snake Pit.[1] Gordo Frizz regularly performed stand-up comedy at the venue.[4] Zhora's retirement by Blade Runner Rick Deckard brought more business to the venue.[2]

The club remained open as of 2037, still owned by Lewis.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

In the video game, the club bears only "Taffy Lewis" [sic] on its sign. Further, it is located on Nightclub Row, which the in-game map places a significant distance away from Chinatown, where Abdul Ben Hassan places it in the film. Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game places the club in Nightclub Row, which is said to be in Sector 1, contradicting the film's statement that The Snake Pit is in Sector 4.