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"Time to Die" is the thirteenth and final episode of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime.


Elle infiltrates the former Tyrell Corporation headquarters, disabling guards on her way to the late Eldon Tyrell's office, where Niander Wallace awaits her. Elle questions his motivations behind her creation and quest for vengeance, but he comments upon her success in becoming exactly what he intended her to become. However, he notes that she will die soon, as she defies him. Elle attempts to attack him, but fails to do so, due to her programming. Water Lily then attacks and the two replicants engage in a sword fight.

Meanwhile, the injured Joseph gains entry into the replicant manufacture wing to begin planting C4 explosives. Wallace quietly slips away from the fight to find Joseph in the wing, having collapsed to the floor, writhing in pain. Wallace monologues about his plans for his replicants to replace humanity and Joseph feigns having the C4's detonator.

Wallace takes the supposed detonator from Joseph as Elle runs to the manufacture wing, pursued by Water Lily and the two continue to fight. Water Lily manages to stab Elle through the hand, but Elle slides her hand along the blade to its hilt, disarming Water Lily and gaining the upper hand as they continue fighting. Wallace goes to Water Lily and embraces her, noting that despite her loyalty and purity, she is flawed, so he fatally stabs her with her own sword. Wallace then turns to Elle, who again unsuccessfully attempts to attack him. He offers her a place at his side and Elle feigns acceptance before slashing Wallace's eyes, blinding him.

Elle goes to Joseph, who apologizes for any hurt he has brought to her, but Elle points out that her good memories outweigh the pain. Joseph tells Elle she has a soul and is more human than he. Elle retrieves the C4's detonator for Joseph and they start to make their way out. However, Joseph pushes Elle out of the room and seals himself inside before detonating the explosives.

One month later, Officer Davis returns to work in a wheelchair, as her colleagues welcome her back with applause. She affirms that she will no longer cause trouble for the department.

Wallace talks to a worried employee and assures that despite his father's death and the loss of his eyes, the company will not be set back. As he faces his window, he says that he sees only "limitless possibilities."

Doc Badger goes to Joseph's apartment, searching for him, but instead finds Elle's sword.

Elle leaves Los Angeles, driving out into the desert upon Joseph's spinner bike.




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  • Nobuhiko Tanaka
  • Takashi Furuya
  • Momoka Takasaki
  • Momoka Yasukawa
  • Kenya Hirano