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Soldier Continuity


  • Year Zero – As part of a new experimental military training program, the Adam Project, infants are selected at birth and raised as highly disciplined soldiers with no understanding of anything but military routine. They are trained to be ruthless obedient killers, and all those considered to be physically or mentally unworthy are executed. The survivors are turned into impassive dedicated fighting machines with no exposure to or understanding of the outside world.[1]


  • Year Five – The initiates are forced to watch three dogs and a boar violently fight.[1]


  • Year Eight – The initiates are given further aptitude tests that determine such things as dexterity.[1]


  • Year Twelve – The initiates are given an endurance test. When one boy falls behind the others, he is executed.[1]
  • July – The European Space Marine Corps is established. The Soldier initiates are conscripted into this service.[1]


  • Year Sixteen – The initiates are subjected to target practice. Riley hesitates when one target portraying a woman and child stands in front of a designated enemy target, but Todd 3465 does not.[1]
  • The Battle of Shanghai.[1]


  • Year Seventeen – The Adam Project initiates complete their training.[1]


  • The Bolivian Coup of 2015.[1]



  • Year Thirty-Eight – Todd participates in the War of the Six Cities and the Moscow Incident.[1]


  • Year Forty – Todd participates in the Battle of the Argentine Moons.[1]
  • A group of genetically engineered soldiers, among them Caine 607, are sent to Colonel Mekum to replace the Adam Project soldiers. After being tested, the old soldiers are declared obsolete. Todd is presumed dead after a fall and is dumped on Arcadia 234. The surviving Adam Project soldiers are removed from combat.[1]
  • Todd successfully defends the Arcadia 234 inhabitants, who are declared hostiles by the new soldiers.[1]
  • As Mekum orders the destruction of Arcadia 234, Todd reunites with his old unit and they evacuate the planet, heading with the colonists to the Trinity Moons. Meanwhile, Mekum – abandoned on the planet – accidentally detonates the explosives, destroying himself and Arcadia 234.[1]