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Film Continuity

The United States of America was a major country on the planet Earth.


The country once implemented slavery. In the 1800s, advocates for slaves helped to create an "Underground Railroad," which served to bring slaves to freedom. The United States later employed segregation between black and white citizens.[1]

By 2019, the world had become unprecedently globalized and plagued by several issues such as climate change and overcrowding. Such was the case with the United States, commonly displayed in major cities such as Los Angeles, California.[2] In a bid to mitigate these issues, many of the country's inhabitants were encouraged to emigrate to the Off-world colonies, with blimps promising "another chance" for the country.[3]

As of 2049, the state of the country remained grim. Some areas were in complete abandonment, lawlessness, and disrepair, with most of the population concentrated in densely populated cities. Famine and social upheaval were commonplace, as were occasional disruptions due to replicants, a highly controversial issue.[4]


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