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Soldier Continuity

The United States Colonial Marine Corps (USCM), commonly known as the US Colonial Marines. This is the name of the Branch of the Military that was defeated by the Chinese Space Defense Force (CSDF) in the Battle of Tanhauser Gate. Also the soldier named Todd 3465 (portrayed by Kurt Russell) worked for this organization.


Sometime in the future these space marines become a branch of the United States Armed Forces. Its unclear from the dialog in the film Soldier when this organisation was founded.

It is known that it was some time just before the year 2010 when clashes began occurring in the off world colonies and orbital outposts. But it is clear that this organization does exist sometime prior to 2010 when the battle of Tanhauser Gate occurred. By the year 2019 there could have been several more battles that were fought in space, when the Blade Runner movie is set. The Colonial Marines were established sometime before 2010 to "defend" civilian orbital and other off world colonies from Chinese and Russian space marines, the US Colonial Marines were allies to the European Colonial Marines but they were both defeated at the Battle of Tanhausser Space Gate.


  • It remains unclear if the movie Soldier had any references to the USCMC from the Alien and Predator movies franchise.