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Film Continuity

Captain Wojciech was the superior of the Blade Runner Ash.


After tracking down the replicant Benny, Ash met with Wojciech, who informed her that there were no available jobs to hunt replicants. However, she ordered Ash to accept a job to find the missing wife and daughter of Alexander Selwyn, sending her to meet Selwyn in Santa Barbara.[1]

Later, Wojciech detailed to Ash the past of "the Skin," a person of interest in her investigation.[2]

For some time, Wojciech managed to keep Ash's disability – which required the use of a brace – a secret. However, after Ash was shot down and hospitalized, this information became known to the department and was not well-received. In the hospital, Wojciech informed Ash that Selwyn was dissatisfied with her performance, so she was taken off the case, which was re-assigned to Harry Bryant's division.[3]


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