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Yotun was a replicant hunted by Aahna "Ash" Ashina in 2017. Having outlived his expiration date until 2029, Yotun became leader of a replicant revolutionary group.


Yotun was created in 2016[1] and was given memories that were lived by Eldon Tyrell.[2]

Yotun initially escaped from the Off-world colonies in 2017.[3] Sometime after arriving in Los Angeles, Yotun sought assistance from Mr. Malcolm to escape, he learned that Malcolm had actually sold him out to the Los Angeles Police Department Blade Runner Unit. Blade Runner Ash accepted the assignment, confronting Yotun at Malcolm's shop. Yotun managed to kill Malcolm and throw his body onto Ash, allowing him to disarm her and escape, telling her she would never see him again.[4]

By 2021, feeling he had left his family behind, Yotun returned to the colonies, eventually finding himself in the Battle of Mesa Echo Erebus, where he helped rescue Freysa Sadeghpour.[3]

Yotun, a Nexus-6, managed to extend his lifespan by accepting blood transfusions from fellow Nexus-6 replicants, managing to survive well into 2029.[1] He amassed a group of replicant followers who established a base inside a waste treatment plant hidden by a massive garbage heap.[5]

In 2029, Ash pursued a replicant who said "Yotun redeems" before jumping to his death. This prompted Ash to rediscover Yotun's files.[4] Learning of Ash pursuing him once more, Yotun tasked Lelia with finding the Blade Runner.[6]

Yotun and Kalia later observed tanks containing replicants, comparing his own legacy – one of redemption – to Eldon Tyrell's – one of profit. As Yotun grew exhausted, Kalia suggested he receive a rejuvenation. After receiving such from Ducasse, Lelia informed Yotun that she had found Ash, to which Yotun requests she bring the Blade Runner to him.[6]

Yotun and his followers later arrived at an airship, where a soiree was to be held by the Los Angeles elite, celebrating the Sepulveda Sea Wall construction progress. After eliminating the front security, the group gained access by using Hyman Bask's eye, procured by Ducasse.[6]

Upon gaining control of the airship, Yotun held the city's elite – including Mayor Chen – hostage, pointing out what he saw as their hypocrisies and demanding control of the Sepulveda Sea Wall, which he claimed to have been built by replicant hands, arranged by himself. He then detonated explosives planted upon the wall and left the airship. Upon destroying it as well, he remarked "Los Angeles is dead. Long live Los Angeles."[7]

During their return, Yotun commented on the city's inhabitants, wondering if they were even aware of how much their lives would now change. His thoughts were interrupted by a pair of police spinners who attempted to stop the group, but Yotun managed to disable one and hijack the other.[5]

Yotun flew back toward the base, finding Ash climbing through the heaps of garbage. As Ash attempted to find a weapon, she was disabled by her spine, allowing Yotun to capture her. He took her back to the base, where he summoned a group of replicants she had once retired to show themselves to her. In what he saw as an act of mercy for retiring these replicants, he had Ash placed inside a replicant tank, promising "new life"[5] and hoped it would bring her clarity.[8]

Yotun was then brought to Silka, Dyson, and Farhad, a group of replicants who claimed to have turned on their leader Freysa, who they had brought as a hostage. This, in addition to having shut down power to five sectors, was their way of showing support for Yotun's cause. However, Yotun was skeptical of them, believing that this was perhaps a ploy to rescue Ash, who was Freysa's lover. Nevertheless, Yotun decided to play along, but brought Freysa with him for an important mission.[8]

He took Freysa to the LAPD headquarters, where the group had begun their attack. Freysa attempted to convince him it was a suicide mission, but Yotun insisted that the police were no match for the liberated replicants and that this uprising was Eldon Tyrell's true legacy. Once the police began retreating to ground level, Yotun reminded Freysa of her rescue at Mesa Echo Erebus, revealing himself to be one of her rescuers. Her referred to their re-encounter as a miracle and insisted that she belonged with his group.[3]

Having exerted himself, Yotun suffered a sudden bout of pain, but refused blood transfusions from his followers. He then broadcast a message to the citizens of Los Angeles, announcing his group's takeover of the city. However, this transmission was stopped by Freysa, prompting Yotun to retaliate and remove Freysa's right eye. On his way out of the burning building, Yotun encountered Ash, telling her she had a choice between catching him and saving Freysa. Ash opened fire, but Yotun managed to slip away.[1]

Over the next six months, Yotun stayed on the move and physically aged considerably. During this time, he focused upon building his following. He welcomed one such candidate, Ambrose, brought to one of his hideouts by Pekka.[9] While recalling a childhood memory of a bloody, dead owl, Ambrose's blood was transfused into Yotun, causing Ambrose to be in a catatonic state. Yotun reasoned that this was because Ambrose was not one of his followes, thus had not been "awakened."[10]

Yotun's group broke into a vault belonging to Alice Leopold and after their success, Kalia brought a diary from the vault to Yotun. Yotun tearfully explained to her that he recalled writing in the diary as a child and that the diary had been entrusted to Leopold by her elder brother, Eldon Tyrell.[10]

Kalia later informed Yotun that Ash had been successfully bombed. Yotun lamented the fact that Ash had to die, as she could have been of use to them had she complied. When Kalia mentioned that Ash said three of Yotun's followers had died on their own, Yotun assured her that "salvation" was near. As he recalled some of Tyrell's memories, he remarked that the diary would lead him to Tyrell's greatest secret, hidden away at the company's ruined headquarters.[2]

He traveled to Tyrell's childhood home in the mountains of Edens, where he recalled Tyrell burying something and believed this to be the key to his own future. Eventually, Ash and Freysa entered the area and Yotun shot down their hijacked police spinner. Ash emerged from the wreck and attacked Yotun, but was weakened by her rejuvenation wearing off. Yotun managed to restrain her and took her to where Tyrell had buried something years ago. He told Ash of his belief that the contents would benefit them both. However, Yotun found that Tyrell had buried owl bones and realized that this had prompted Tyrell to wonder if he could beat death, which eventually resulted in the creation of replicants. When he saw that Ash had drew a gun on him, Yotun yielded and told Ash that he hoped she would live to see his work completed by others. Freysa then shot Yotun in the head, killing him.[11]