Zhora, is a Nexus-6 replicant who has returned to Earth with Roy Batty in search of a way to extend her lifespan. She has found work as an exotic dancer at Taffey's Bar. In his scanning of photos obtained from a search of Leon's apartment, Deckard finds Zhora & identifies a custom tattoo of a snake on her neck, tying it to a snake scale he found in Leon's bathtub.

Tracking her to Taffy's, Deckard poses as a government official. However, Zhora sees through his ruse and attacks him but is unable to kill him when several other dancers enter the room. Zhora flees the club and Deckard pursues her into the streets where she attempts to hide among the crowds of people. Deckard soon finds her and as she runs away, he shoots her three times with his sidearm. Zhora crashes through the glass of several window displays and falls to the sidewalk dead. As backup arrives, a passerby finds the snake tattoo on her neck, one of the clues that Deckard used to track her.

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